Live tracking on map

I have a question about live tracking people. I’ve added some people in my family and paired a device (iPhone) to track, (With permission :-)) so I can see their live location.

Then I created zones and a map card.
In the map card I add the following code:

type: folder
   - entity: device_tracker.johnlsiphone
   - entity: zone.test
hours_to_show: 0
title: Test

I use a Fritzbox router to determine if someone is at home or away. the person badge does indicate away when leaving the house (Outside range of wifi I guess).

This is included in my configuration.yaml

   - platform: fritz
       track_new_devices: true

I don’t get to see the person on the map when he is away. What should I do to see the person’s live location? I’ve been busy for several days now but can’t get it done. Is there anyone who can get me started?

Check that the iPhone permissions allow the home assistant app to always use Location.

I have already set that on the iPhone but that gives the same result. I think it had to do with that I hadn’t set up remote access yet, I’m working on that now (duckDNS)
EDIT: This seems to work, tested with my iPhone… Only location update is slow , have to work on that.