Livolo new wall light switch (zigbee) and ZHA?

Has anyone had success paring Livolo new wall light switches (TI0001-switch) and HA?
I am using HA in Docker, with Conbee II and use ZHA plugin. It doesn’t show up when I try to add it to ZHA.

I read about the old model had some issues (channel 26), does the newer model also having same issues? if so, how do I put conbee II on channel 26?

For interested people

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I can’t get ZHA to detect when I turn the switch on/off directly. It only works for me from HA to livolo, not vice versa.

Does anyone fully work?

Good day.It works for me Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus
You can set channel 26 in the settings, but this also does not work.
The switch has been determined, but it works only from touches.