Livy Home Integration

I guess there is no integration yet. Some weeks ago I got the Livy Protect and I would like to integrate to HA. Is there any open project regarding to Livy? At the moment the only option is to connect via IFTTT, I would like to avoid.

Thanks in advance for answers :slight_smile:

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Just came across this post and wanted to share an update from Livy themselves.

If you don’t read German, they’ve basically said that “in general communication with the Livy Alive is possible via MQTT. For more help please reach out to our support at …”.

So it looks like there should be an MQTT endpoint available there. Also in their specs they mention Zigbee and Thread hardware support (but software update required to activate). So that should be coming soon :crossed_fingers:

I’m debating getting one of these, so if you find any more info please do share! :heart: