LK IHC binary sensor issues

Hi all,

I’m using LK IHC switches throughout my house to control e.g. my Hue lights. I’m also using a few relays and reed switches.

I am experiencing that all my LK wallswitches (binary_sensor) become unresponsive, often once or twice a day, without anything showing up in my logfiles. When this happens I can still control the ‘outputs’, for example open my garage, which shows the connection is not really lost.
But the reed switch (also binary_sensor), that tells if it’s open or not does not change state. Neither do they say ‘Unavailable’ - they simply just keep their last state from before “it” happened :slight_smile: Restart solves it until next time :slight_smile:

My colleague has the exact same problem on his instance.

I know it is pretty much impossible to help when I cannot show any errors from logs, but I’m hoping one more skilled than me can look into the code (probably specifically for binary_sensor) and see if there is something that sticks out.

I’ve added this to my logger without luck: homeassistant.components.ihc: debug

My config:

  username: admin
  password: xxxxxxxxx
  auto_setup: True
  info: True
  #1 Ved dør til køkken#
    - id: 19804
      name: 1-1
    - id: 20060
      name: 1-2
    - id: 20316
      name: 1-3
    - id: 20572
      name: 1-4


Thanks in advance!

EDIT: github issue: