Load JSON data into Card

I’m trying to get my school’s lunch menu items to show up in Home Assistant. I’ve found an URL that gives me the data in JSON but I’m having trouble parsing this into a way I can use in HA.

The data looks like:

{"date":"2023-01-03","menu_items":["Teriyaki Beef","Chicken Corn Dog"],"images":["https://client-food-images.nutrislice.com/images/a4/a4AkvYLH7wNeJd8AU3Jefg/1485214229_17854__9257_Beef_Bites_Advance_38272.jpg.1024x0_q85.jpg","https://client-food-images.nutrislice.com/images/9K/9KqT5iTzGDVNQ2j3tSWgrz/1637095344_5045285__9257_shutterstock_1265823925.png.1024x0_q85.png"],"holiday_text":null}

I want to grab each of the menu items and their associated image and display that in a card. Any thoughts on how I can pull this in?