Load last saved blink video on tap

I have a blink integration and have a dashboard page where I have the camera entities showing with a picture-entity card. When I view them, it shows the snapshot last manually save from the blink app (I think) and does not show anything related to the last motion detection. I then followed the example in documentation to create an automation to save a video file when motion is detected. This did not quite work reliably but there was one instance where the video was actually saved. My next step was to try and play this video from the dashboard when I click on the picture-entity but there does not appear to be a way to do that from the “tap_action” option.
I can go to the media folder and click on the file to make it play but is there a way to do that by clicking on the picture-entity instead?

I tried a very kludgy approach by creating a camera entity pointing to the file location, I then loaded this camera into a picture-entity. This shows a thumbnail but clicking it (with default action) pops-open a just a title. I see this message on the logs:
ERROR (stream_worker) [homeassistant.components.stream.stream.camera.mycam] Error from stream worker: Stream ended; no additional packets