Loading locked with "Home Assistant is starting, not everything will be available until it is finished."

sinche rebook I have this banner

“Home Assistant is starting, not everything will be available until it is finished.”

and is not going away.

Also all automation on dashboard are locked and notning seems to work


Whats in the logging?

Now I cannot access web interface

Search this forum on how to get the logging there?

How long is HA in this state?
And how much stuff does HA have to load?
For me, the first start of HA after I restarted the hardware can last 15 mins.
Try typing ha core restart or docker restart homeassistant. The latter one works for me, but i have a supervised install instead of the normal home assistant installation. But just try this route, if HA starts up for ever.

can you please tell me how to see logs from here?

core restart:
processing… Done

web UI still offline (4hrs)

Have you even searched?

I found it now, i’m looking for a way to see just errors because there are just warning for some disconnected devices…

Please read this since you just joined.

Sorry sender, I’ve been 9hrs tryng to fix and no way… so i’m really KO

I’m running hassio on proxmox and configured it to work with my climate system made by some esphome switch and some beok thermostat

Everithing was working good but then system got very slow ant there was a still “Home Assistant is starting, not everything will be available until it is finished.” banenr on the bottom and over any automation on the frontend.

I’ve made a reboot from proxmox and web UI is not loading but server is up because come devices are connected by mosquito

I’m very noob at comunicating errors, and I apologize for this, but I would appreciate it very much if with a little patience you could show me the way to better communicate errors.

This is the core error:

Have you read the error? Have you searched? What is on line 10 of configuration.yaml? There is even a link given…

I’ve fixed it, after installing 3 virtual machines and having troubles during hacs installatrion i’ve found the problem: internal dns was not working good so… timeouts ant stuff not working. Thanks a lot for your time and your patience, i promise you to be more careful in posting next time and I will use your link for asking better.
A big hug