Local Addon: Printouts not shown

Hi guys,
I tried to learn and challenge myself and tried to deploy a local Add-On.

I followed the docs Tutorial: Making your first add-on | Home Assistant Developer Docs, deployed a simple telegram-bot and it works very solid.

A little context The bot has several dices that gets thrown. and then I get a message with the bot (not shown in code) and a printout for “local” debugging/logging.

    # Roll two 6-sided dice
    dice1 = random.randint(1, 6)
    dice2 = random.randint(1, 6)
    dice3 = random.randint(1, 6)
    print(f"issued by {update.effective_user} in {update.effective_chat}. Results: {dice1} {dice2} {dice3}")

So far so good. BUT it seems to only show following:

My Script/Bot works like a charm.
BUT my printouts do not get shown at all.
The printouts should have worked though: i tried it in my IDE and even created a portable .exe and even there the printouts are getting shown.

What am I missing out? Unfortunately I cannot find any solution/documentation on this.
Thanks in advance!

Update: I was reading a little more about this. There seem to be many attempts how to enable this…
I was using the “Python-way”, since Im already using it.
I altered my code and replaced the “print()” with “logging.info()” and now it works fine.