Local automations in the Android App

The android app won’t run without a cloud connection…at least that’s been my experience. I’d like to set up some automations that silence my phone when I’m at specific locations. Is this possible? Why do I need a cloud connection?

Use Tasker to do that sort of thing. The HA app is designed to connect to HA - not to be a replacement for it.

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What is disappointing? It is literally called HOME assistant, not phone assistant.

That HA is so dependent on the cloud.

The app, that happens to run on my phone, seems to have the ability to control the phones sensors. Requiring the cloud to control them doesn’t seem like the best implementation.

You’re missing the point of HomeAssistant. It is a home automation platform. The phone app is just another way to access your home. So unless you’re at home on your local wifi, you need internet (not necessarily cloud) to access it.

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More to the point HomeAssistant is a cloud based home automation platform. For some(most?) users, the ‘cloud’ is only available thru their local wifi but the cloud (HAOS server) is doing all the automation. There doesn’t appear to be anything that runs locally.

For instance, let’s implement a tracker so I can have something happen when I come home.
Cloud based solution:
Poll the device to find it’s location and if at home, take action.
Local solution:
When device is at the appropriate location, ping the server so the server can take action.

The cloud based solution will never be better than the local solution.

With all due respect, you don’t understand what HomeAssistant is. The tagline on their home page is “Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first.”

HA is installed locally on a machine in your home. Your Android phone would use the Mobile App - Home Assistant integration, which is one of many available integrations for HA. Many if not most other integrations run locally on your own network. Cut your inbound internet and they will still function without issue.

Having said that, there is a cloud-based version of HA - https://www.nabucasa.com. But that is up to the user if they wish to go that route.

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Yes, the server is local to my home. I also appreciate the attention to privacy. However, HA makes a cloud, that is, by default, only accessible using the local wifi.

Maybe a better way to describe might be server based. However, it’s still a cloud. All due respect, you need to understand that or show me how I’m incorrect.

You know what…nevermind. I’m not interested in a server based solution. I have Google Home for that.

Thanks for your input. This forum has been very responsive and helpful, even though HomeAssisant is not for me.


So you are giving up on Home Assistant because you think it is cloud based (it’s not) to use a er … cloud based solution (Google Home).

If you want to avoid using Nabu Casa simply expose your instance to the internet and connect to it yourself. That’s what I do using an Nginx reverse proxy. Maybe that’s what you want - there is no other way an application on your phone can communicate with a device in your house. Think about it!

How else would you connect to a server in your home? Obviously you could connect everything with CAT6 or equivalent, but I fail to see your argument that HA is a cloud solution at all. Not sure how you think you’d connect a phone to it without using WiFi …

I think the confusion here is that he is not looking to achieve any level of home automation. He only wants to automate functions on his phone. HA is not the solution for him.


Agreed. Tasker is what he needs for that :slight_smile:

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I decided not to use Home Assistant because I perceive no benefit to me.

I’m 6 months into trying to make my home ‘smart’. I’ve got 13 smart switches, 2 plugs, and a garage door opener. They are made by Cync and EKyro.

Tasker is way more than I need. MacroDroid was ok, but I didn’t want to pay and or use the other options to extend the free trial. Modes and Routines are fine for me.

Yes, I want to automate functions on my phone. I also want to do things like ‘When I come home after sunset turn on the laundry room and kitchen lights’.

I don’t see Home Assistant doing a better job than Google Home.

Sorry to say, but then you’re not very good in learning new things. :slight_smile:

If you can’t see the benefit of HA for you it’s fine, but that you don’t know, for what HA is used, that would worry me… :wink: Six months into home automations, and you haven’t gotten the time, to check a simple dictionary for the difference between “server” and “cloud”?

Use Google Home, it’s a good product! If you ever get the feeling, that somebody’s watching you, you know where to look (hint: it’s not your fully local home automation software, because it’s not HA). :rofl:

Nothing you’ve said here makes me want to change my mind. Thanks for validating my decision.

That’s fine, it’s not for everyone. But unfortunately with statements like these ones below you don’t actually know what home assistant is:

Maybe do a bit more research before dismissing it without understanding it. Or not. Up to you.


Again, thanks for validating my decision.