Local calendar feature request 2 -- variable calendar name column width

First, congrats on introducing the Local Calendar integration - an important addition to HA.
I use local calendars for scheduling the temperature I want to set in each room using my blueprint Heating X. This feature request arises from a few weeks experience working with about a dozen calendars. I am making independent requests for each feature so the community can vote on each separately.

The ‘Calendar’ page in the UI shows a list of My Calendars. The column width for the calendar name (aka Summary) is fixed and too narrow for my purposes even on the day view where there is plenty of horizontal space.

  • My feature request is therefore simply: please make the calendar name column is variable width (automatically and/or by user dragging the column boundary).

(all calendar names cropped)

Any progress with this??
The problem is still current in 2024.2.2