Local calendar feature request 3 – Limit add event calendar choice to those selected

I use local calendars for scheduling the temperature I want to set in each room using my blueprint Heating X. This feature request arises from a few weeks experience working with about a dozen calendars. I am making independent requests for each feature so the community can vote on each separately.

The ‘Calendar’ page in the UI shows a list of My Calendars with tick-boxes to select which calendars are shown. However, if I add a new event any calendar can be chosen, and the default is likely to be one that I am not viewing. I have often added an event to the wrong calendar. What’s more, if you try and move an event to a different calendar you get a weird error message. You have to delete the event and add it again.

  • My feature request is therefore: please limit the list of calendars for adding an event to those that are displayed.
  • In particular, if I only display one calendar I expect a new event to be added to that calendar.

(I have only Living room selected but if I am not careful the event will be added to the Main bedroom calendar)

Any progress with this one??
The problem is still present in 2024.2.2