Local database for assigning names to Fingerprint ID

Hi everyone,

I want to install an ESPHome Fingerprint Sensor to automate a smart door lock to a building that is frequented regularly by known guests. Although the documentation on how to go about configuring scripts and automations is very comprehensive, I was wondering if there was a native method in HA to implement a local database where I can dynamically assign names to the Fingerprint IDs so I can keep track of who is who when looking at the logs. Moreover, the names can be used for other things such as lovelace dashboards or Google home tts.

As of now the only way I can think of is using templating to assign names to a name entity based on the value of the Fingerprint ID. However I was wondering if there was a less tedious method (such as creating and referencing a database file in HA) that is also more structured and visually aesthetic.

I chanced upon the HA SQL Integration but it seems to be for viewing logs rather than for active data entry/manipulation.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!