Local Deployment for SureFlap / SurePetCare Connect using only local MQTT Broker

I also left a review & got the standard email that it’s proprietary because it’s battery powered :confused: They did say they are thinking about opening up their API but I’m absolutely not convinced. Hopefully we get a local solution one day!

ok, just bought a surepet catdoor , i see a a 500 reply thread, can someone give me a summary of whats possible or not with local deployment?
thnx :slight_smile:

Nothing is possible locally anymore.

As @flyize mentioned, the summary is that petcare has been always blocking any intent of local control and with the latest firmware the local control is impossible, so we have decided to start a campain to give them one star reviews until they listen to our years of asking the same “please give an option for local control”, you can find the details in this comment: Local Deployment for SureFlap / SurePetCare Connect using only local MQTT Broker - #467 by heisenberg


I see indeed some one star reviews, seems they are responding to it, but what do they say? Does it help?

They are only responsive because they are worried about the one star reviews, but that´s their only incentive, as their response has been exactly the same for years: “we are sorry” (lie), “we may implement a local API in the future” (lie), basically all lies expecting that the promise of a local API in a future that will never come will make us happy enough to remove the review.

Surepet even tries to remove the one star reviews by asking you to provide the details of your purchase (fortunately trustpilot doesn´t have any way to validate that, so any info you provide will work, and you don´t need to disclose the info about your purchase with them).

Surepet, if you are reading this (I´m sure you are), we will not stop writting one star reviews until you provide a local API to your catflap and other devices.

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