Local device tracking with ASUSWRT


New user here with HA and have the ASUSWRT integration in place, which I’ve setup with tracking for two iphones locally for when they’re on the WiFi. They’re listed as device.tracker entities in HA. I would like to use this method of tracking for automation rules as I dont have an external connection with HA.

I have setup the phones against the users in HA and they show home / away reliable on the overview screen using the standard tile, either by specifiying a person where the entities is linked or the specific entity directly. However when I got to automation and try and use them there they dont appear in the conditions or triggers lists. This only seems to populate devices.

What am I doing wrong here please? Can I use an entity as a device tracker condition as it’s strange I can show it’s status as a home / away on the overview but realy would like to have it used on an automation?


SOLVED. I thought I’d add it here in case anyone else comes accross the same. Essesntially rather than using the device function I was able to use the state as a condition of not_home which had the desired effect. All part of the learning curve I guess