Local_file component


Thanks for the great piece of software… i have a question about one of the default components.
I have 2 webcams that update there images to a NAS. I have set-up everything and the local file component works great… i can see the cams in HA and they update…

The only issue i have with it that in irregular times when you are viewing the streams either on the card or when you click on them to make them bigger… they stop renewing because at the time the image is being downloaded by HA and the file is updated at the same time by the camera(s) the card or bigger view cannot load the image and it gives a internal server error so then it stops refreshing the views. in the console it gives me the following error:

camera.tuin:1 GET https:///api/camera_proxy/?authSig= 500 (Internal Server Error)

If you refresh the page it starts to work again… i guess this has to do something with the component not retrying to get the image. Mind you the updates come in at every 250 miliseconds (4x a second) if i lower the amount of updates the renewing runs longer but also is likely to stop after 1 or 2 minutes.

i’m fully aware that this might be normal but a slight change to the component would go a longggg way if you get what i mean :slight_smile: or… maybe you might know of another component that does the same thing and works better.

Greetings… (and yes i have searched the forms and the internet… but this seems not to be a popular component… and no… there is no other solution for this camera…it’s ports are welded shut… so to speak…)