Local Key for TUYA in 2024

My question is simple: is it possible at all to control Tuya devices on LAN only nowadays / after Tuya’s cloud API 2.0? It seems impossible to get local_key:s that work as described in older guides.

Method: Local network request snooping
Issue 1.1: All instructions I have been able to find seem outdated. The “spy via nodejs proxy” used by e.g. tuya-cli wizard in particular does not work at all with the Smart Life app anymore.

Method: Use the Tuya Developer platform → IoT Smart Home project → API Explorer
Issue 2.1 It seems like the format of local_key of “Query Device Details” has changed format - it’s no longer a hexadecimal string, it’s a string of mixed printable ASCII characters.
Issue 2.2: When querying a virtual devices such as an Remote added under a Universal IR Remote (=teachable infrared blaster), then the local_key is just an empty string.