Local only decorative LEDs - No Cloud required

I’m looking for either a table or list of devices that can be filtered by feature set, or for some suggestions of companies that make LED decorative bulbs, panels strips, etc that are

  1. Compatible with HomeAssistant of cource,
  2. LAN only controllable (no cloud required).

I have tried googling, but the keyword spam just brings me back to hue, nano leaf, govee, etc.

It seems a bit more difficult to find Local only products in the “smart” lighting world. Any help is greatly appreciated.

These can be Zigbee or Wifi controlled as well. I don’t have z-wave thus far, and am honestly just trying to build out with the connection types I have.

Check out WLED. It’s an open source project that is local-only, and works great with HA. You will have to DIY your own strips a little, but it’s worth it.

For a controller, check out this: Dig-Uno : LED Booster Board - DrZzs

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But there are mamy ZigBee based rgb/rgbw solutions out there. You could not find them or not interested with them.

One suggestion, please change wording from LAN to local, as LAN will imply network connection and removes ZigBee and zwave out of discussion.