Local only instance, app asking for permissions

I have a local only instance of home assistant that I want to access using the Home Assistant app when I am on my home network only.

When I go to log in on the app it says:
You’re about to give https://home-assistant.io/android access to your Home Assistant Instance.

Is the app playing some sort of middle man and communicating back to the cloud? I’d prefer to keep my info local only so if this is required by the app I guess I will just not use the app.

I could do a packet capture and find out but I don’t feel like it haha.

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The app is not communicating to the cloud, thats a special link setup to help with setting up the app I believe. It actually redirects to the companion docs wehn you click on it.

Sorry to revive an old topic but what does it exactly do? what is the benefit of giving access to home Assistant to a local instance?
Even the Google-Services-less “minimal” version says “you’re about to give this site access to your instance”.
Whereas privacy is one of the main incentives pushing people to chose HomeAssistant, this is an undocumented step… clarity about providing external access to a private server would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance to anybody with info on that.
Until then, I guess I’ll be tunneling my way home to use the browser interface.

It’s part of authenticated WebView that’s companion apps need to implement. Look up home assistant dev docs to understand it further.