Local only - offline - smart lock

Anyone know smart locks that work without a cloud and is compatible with Home Assistant?

Anything Z-Wave or Zigbee will work. Beyond that check the list and look for those that specify Local rather than Cloud.

I am thinking about HomeKit smart lock, to integrate via HA “HomeKit Controller”. Do I need to have HomeKit hub too to use this Controller?

Don’t quote me on this but I believe the HomeKit Hub (AppleTV, iPad, or HomePod on the same network) is required to use the built-in iOS Home app or Siri to control your local devices remotely or in other words, outside of your local network. Setting up the HomeKit Controller in HA just allows you to integrate HomeKit devices directly into HA without a hub.

Yale Assure smart locks with the zigbee module. Pair that with a zigbee2mqtt coordinator and your good. No cloud, all local and super reliable

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