Local person detection to replace deepstack


I used to really like DeepStack, but it doesn’t seem to be supported anymore for over 2 years. I’m looking for something similar.

I looked into Frigate, but the setup process seems complicated, and it analyzes everything in real-time. DeepStack only analyzed the latest motion image sent by the camera.

In short, do you have any suggestions on how I could enable Local person detection for a TP-Link camera with Hass on an i5 laptop with 8GB of RAM?

I use deepstack and even if it is not updated, for me it does what it should do, not changing for now. Looked at frigate too but this requires a continuous stream to frigate which on my NUC consumed a lot of CPU where it is only needed when motion is detected (<15 a day) and not 24hrs on line.
Before deepstack I used doods in a very same setup which worked too, I moved to deepstack for a reason I can no longer remember :slight_smile:
DOODS - Dedicated Open Object Detection Service - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

i looked at doods it it seams a lot more complicated … anyway … how do you install deepstack ? because if I install it via command line in a docker i always have a warning in home assistant… i mean it doesn’t mater but it might have a cleaner way to do it ?


All of these are not simple, as is AI

For my deepstack

Doods will have s imialr container + integration setup

Wow thanks.

for info: i don’t know if it will work( didnt have the time to set it up yet ) but instead of installing it in a containner I install it with an add on

I still use deepstack as well. I run the windows version in conjunction with Blueiris, and an nvidia GPU for acceleration.

I actually made a 3-part video series all about how to install both, how to configure them, add cameras, as well as how to get camera feeds and motion detection notifications and images into HA via mqtt, and how to send notifications to the companion app.

In case you’re interested, here’s a link to part 1:

Hey, it works really well! I understand that you mentioned not providing any support, but someone forked it and added this option: prev_objects_ignore, which addresses false positives with objects that are already present. Do you think you could merge it with your own code?

Here is the GitHub link: GitHub - vin901/HASS-Deepstack-object: Home Assistant custom component for using Deepstack object detection

tbh no clue what this will bring but merged it in v0.2.
Difficult to test (as per above), for the moment it still detects what I expect…qed

Edit: correction, the coloring has changed even without applying the new params…

I manage to setup everything well thank you all

Now i want to create a notification that trigger on the event deepstack.object_detected. but it wont trigger…

alias: deepstack_verif
description: ""
  - platform: event
    event_type: deepstack.object_detected
      name: person
condition: []
  - service: notify.mobile_app_djjfj
      title: Mouvement Détecter
      message: En avant de la maison
        url: /lovelace-mobile/camera-avant
          - action: notif-motion
            title: Sourdine
          url: *******************************
          hide-thumbnail: false
mode: single

And I know the event is ok since when i listen to it i see that :

entity_id: image_processing.deepstack_object_exterieur_sd
- person
person: 1
origin: LOCAL
time_fired: “2023-08-11T02:09:58.012159+00:00”
parent_id: null
user_id: null