Local Push notifications when HA not connected to internet

I am experimenting with making my home network more resilient by adding a fallback internet-connection through mobile on my router.

The automatic failover works fine, but I am having problems receiving HA notifications during the short time my network is offline.

I was hoping local push would also work without my network being connected to the internet.
This is not the case, I guess because the push notifications are still pushed through a connection that requires nabu casa.

Error sending notification to https://mobile-apps.home-assistant.io/api/sendPush/android/v1: ClientConnectorError(ConnectionKey(host='mobile-apps.home-assistant.io', port=443, is_ssl=True, ssl=None, proxy=None, proxy_auth=None, proxy_headers_hash=-7996538247376094105), ConnectionRefusedError(111, "Connect call failed ('', 443)"))

Is there any chance you could make local push really local, meaning while I am connected to my local wifi, the notifications are pushed directly to the phone without nabu casa ore any online-service being involved?

Wait, what?
I tested this several times before posting, but now it seems to work offline, too.

Notifications on play certified devices will always fall back to firebase if the local push cannot be made.

So local push should work as long as my phone and my HA instance are connected to the same network, even if there is no internet connection to Nabu Casa or Firebase, right?

yes. It should.

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