Local Tuya and cloud account expiring

I had local tuya setup for several switches and outlets for about a month and suddenly they went unavailable and the entities disappeared in HA. When I went to add them back in which involves getting the local id from the Tuya cloud account I then discovered that the Tuya IoT plan had expired which means I can’t get the local id.

I had thought that the point of using local Tuya was to get off the cloud so I’m confused at this point. I’ve tried to extend the trial period but seems like this is just going to keep happening.

Appreciate any help

Welcome to Tuyas much vaunted support for local control.

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You can use Local Tuya without connecting it to the cloud, so all the communication between Home Assistant and the devices is local, with no use of cloud.
However, the devices requires any request to be using those device_id and local_key. If you have those, you are good to go totally local, otherwise you have to use the Tuya IoT portal to get those keys, and this can be done manually or using the cloud connectivity in the Local Tuya integration.

Tuya don’t wanna let you go totally local, so the is as local as a Tuya wifi device can be.

Yes…I’m aware. Just didn’t expect the devices to disappear in HA because the Tuya IoT trial cloud account expired. They are the only one that makes a light/fan dimmer switch combo that I’ve found otherwise I’d go elsewhere.

Thanks for the feedback

Then I fully agree with you. This shouldn’t happen.

Something weird is definitely going on. My Tuya IoT account I setup in November (for my Roborock) ‘expired’. Found out when I tried to onboard some spotlights a couple hours ago and grab the keys. I thought these lasted 6 months?

Ive applied for the extension. Let’s see what happens.

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Interesting… got one Tuya SmartSwitch (Thermostat) via localTuya. Set it up a few weeks ago. If that account expires then to hell with it. Getting the keys was a PITA, which I will not repeat. Instead I will control IR-heater panel with a Shelly.

Guess in the future I stay away from TUYA devices like the Devil from the holy water.

Right there with you…what a pita to deal with.

Once my Tuya expires I will try this:

EDIT: Unlikely to work since tuya patched that vulnerability years ago

It is unlikely to work, tuya patched that vulnerability years ago.

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My account also expired before I could get the local key. Now it fails when I try to view it through their UI. Has anyone figure out a workaround to get the local key? What a PITA!!! Sorry I bought tookya.

Ok…there.is another route to get the local key using a rooted android phone…I have.managed to get this to work…


Now I can’t get the local TUYA to accept it when adding a new device…it seems to still want to query the TUYA API site…

I will be looking to see if I can manually add new devices via YAML or some other way…

Has there been any update on the local control implementation?
Tuya V2 was supposed to offer some kind of local support.

If not, which route is the route to go nowadays? HACS or standard integration?

Also, does anyone know if dehumidifiers are compatible?
Currently have one from Rohan (air & me).

Avoid Tuya WiFi based devices is the only way to go. I went away by replacing those Tuya devices step by step with Zigbee devices and don’t regret it.

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