Local Tuya Costco Atomi Smart Wifi Wall Light AT1680

Here are the configurations I found for the Costco Atomi Smart Wifi Wall Light
Model: AT1680
Integration: Local Tuya

Just got this working. Here are the local configurations:
ID (DPID): 20
Brightness: 22 (value: 1000)
Color Temperature: 23 (value: 654)
Lower Brightness Value: 22 (adjust as needed)
Upper Brightness Value: 1000
Color Mode: 21 (value: white)
Color: 24 (value: 00e803e…)
Minimum Color Temperature in K: 2700
Maximum Color Temperature in K: 6500
Scene: 25 (value: 000e0d00…)

For installing Local Tuya, see other topics.

Here are how I found the configurations in Tuya

From the navigation
Cloud → API Explorer → Device Control → Query Properties
Enter your device id that has already been setup.
From the response, here are the mappings you’ll find in Local Tuya when adding a device.

		"local_tuya_mapping": {
			"type": "light",
			"id": "led_switch,
			"brightness": "bright_value",
			"lower_brightness": 29,
			"upper_brightness": 1000,
			"color_temperature": "temp_value",
			"color_mode": "work_mode",
			"color": "colour_data",
			"scene": "scene_data"

Note: This JSON string cannot be used anywhere. Just for demonstration purposes.
To get your local key, see other topics

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