Local Tuya integration of mini smart switch category tdq

Dear all I have used supplier Girier before but not yet for the mini switch. All works well with the Tuya integration in the cloud but for better response times I am switching to Local Tuya on HACS. Unforuntately I get an error which I can not get passed. Connection to device succeeded but no datapoints found, please try again. Did that multiple times. Now I would like to raise this as an issue or rather a request for help as I am sure someone has seen this before. Thanks.

No luck on my side either. So I’m using the official Tuya integration instead.
Sad thing is, my switch module offers energy metering, but I can only view it on the Smart Life app. Nothing shows in HA.

Good news, you can make them local now: How To Guide - Tuya CloudCutter with ESPHome Libretuya - No soldering | digiblurDIY

I upgraded the local Tuya integration and with the latest version I can get control of these devices as well.