Local Tuya Integration

I’m posting because I had blinds and switches working with smart life and with the latest updates from Tuya all of them stop working on HA.
Them I realize that an official Local Tuya Integration as released and I want to much install and put all the things working.

First Local Tuya installation stopper was the request of having “Local Keys”.
I search a lot, try to use work arounds and I was unable to find those Local Keys.

I found them and I want to share to you trying to help you with this.

  1. Go to https://iot.tuya.com/ and creat a project on tab cloud.
  2. Link your smart life or tuya app credencials were
  3. You need to see all you devices on “your project”->development->all devices
    4)Then go to API Explorer Menu, and choose smart home management system->device management->get device details
  • You have to choose the right Global Center - In my case Central Europe Data Center
  1. Insert the “Device ID” and submit request
  2. At right you will see a list of details and you will find the requested local key

Now It’s time to go HA and make the integration - Local Tuya

To be continued…


If you have a large number of devices you may want to look at this method here:


Looking forward to Your “updates” … I Manage to get my first Device (Nedis wifi plug with USB , NEDIS WIFIP311FWT ) into Tuya ( Local Tuya in HA ), and it turns up in iot.tuya.com , works fine in HA … So i went on to transfer my other NEDIS devices, locally from NEDIS APP into Tuya APP (work fine there and shows up in iot.tuya.com also) … but when i try to add it to the “Local Tuya” in HA, im stucked … when i click configure, im stucked with the first devices ID and Local Key , even though i change these to my second devices credential, and click submit, nothing happens, so somehow it seems like the first Devices ID … Basic configuration for device id 88735763f4cf********. shows at the top of config page
What am i missing here ?, i dont find any options to Add another device, or do i have to Add yet another “Local Tuya” integration ? …
BR Jörgen

I redraw above question, solved it … just go through same procedure ( as last year Y… ) ( add integration, local tuya, new credentials … and submit) … 3 devices with 8 entities each added so far NEDIS works good in “Local Tuya” … Thanks for the good job Guys


I am also trying to get my nedis plugs in local tuya.
I can use them (on and off) but have no idea witch 3 options to use for the power.
Can you or someone else point me in the right direction ?

Thanks in advance

Best regards, Marco.

id 18, 19, 20

edit: … and 17 if you have “addele” = total_consumption

Thank you so much for the help.

After all, yesterday a try to connect my wi-fi curtain Nedis cover to Tuya App and I had sucess. Then in Local Tuya at HomeAssistant (after check that all were at iot Tuya portal) it let me introduce the devices but when I press the functions to open or close nothing happens!
I will try to do this again and again and check If it solves this stuck position.

im not sure what you are talking about, “press the functions” where ? , could you describe ur “procedure” in more details, maybe with a “small” pic

All the info is on this page:

Except some light bulbs use …

        id: 20 # Usually 1 or 20
        # color_mode: 2 # Optional, usually 2 or 21, default: "none"
        # brightness: 3 # Optional, usually 3 or 22, default: "none"
        # color_temp: 4 # Optional, usually 4 or 23, default: "none"
        # color: 5 # Optional, usually 5 (RGB_HSV) or 24(HSV), default: "none"
        # brightness_lower: 0 # Optional, usually 0 or 29, default: 29
        # brightness_upper: 255 # Optional, usually 255 or 1000, default: 1000
        # color_temp_min_kelvin: 2700 # Optional, default: 2700
        # color_temp_max_kelvin: 6500 # Optional, default: 6500
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Tuya iot platform options have changed the way we used to scan and connect to the tuya mobile app! Now it shows to connect with a Smart industry app and devices are not available in that app. Anyone has figured out the new app?

Go to add device and scan the QR code the way you add a new device

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I have a wifi door sensor that is configured in tuya integration. But it’s not getting auto detected by local tuya integration and I am not able to integrate it manually via local tuya as well.

Please guide me, how can I integrate in local tuya integration.


Do you have it visible on the IOT Tuya portal?
Can you see door sensor interaction on the Tuya app?


Yes it’s visible on IOT Tuya portal and I can see the door sensor on the tuya app.

I even have the local key of the door sensor.

Please guide how to add it to local tuya.

Hey folks. After being without internet all day Friday, I realized some of my Tuya light bulbs - while configured in the Local Tuya integration - are not exactly “local-only”. Some of them continued to work fine, but the five in my living room were all unavailable. Before I try just removing them and setting them up again, does anyone know what might cause that issue?

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Need help editing/deleting a device added to local Tuya.

Added a device, but did not include all the required entities. I can edit the entities I added, but I can’t figure out how to add additional entities to a device already present. Thought I would delete the device and re-enter it. Can’t seem to figure out how to do that either.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!