Local Tuya is not local?

after migrating all of my lights from Tuya Cloud to Local Tuya, this morning I made a test disconnecting the internet connection.
I sadly found out that only 3 of my 21 Local Tuya lights were really working without internet connection.
Following some suggestions I found on the web I removed from Local Tuya configuration the
Cloud API details:

Nothing changed, the 3 working lights keep working, the others were still unavailable.

Looking around in the forum I found a link to Local Tuya readme file stating this:

NOTE - Nov 2020: If you plan on integrating these devices on a network that has internet and blocking their internet access, you must block DNS requests too (to the local DNS server eg If you only block outbound internet then the device will sit in zombie state, it will refuse / not respond to any connections with the localkey. Connect the devices first with an active internet connection, grab each device localkey and then implement the block .

This is something I do not understand, how should I block internet access only to those lights and DNS ? I looked into my router setting and I cannot understand how to do this.

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I just got this working tonight actually after looking around. You need a firewall or router to block the traffic to the web, and also block any DNS traffic from the device internally as well. If you are just disconnecting from the internet without blocking the DNS requests then it will just show offline and unresponsive.

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Sure! Localtyua is given to you to control your device in same functionality as mobile app does via local network. You can’t connect HA to device before pairing it with TyuaCloud using only localtyua no matter that. That means you don’t get API and local keys if TuayCloud is not reachable. And after any change in your home network (i.e pasword) you can throw away all your tuya devices. But thats not all.
In my experience after blocking internet access for tuya device (switch plug with powermeter option) it’s work properly only until it has power on it. After unplug and plag again it’s not work according to schedule. For my presumtion because it needs time synchronization via TyuaCloud. LocalTuya also don’t provide that.

False advertising.