Local Tuya Positivo Devices Configurations

Hi there!
After some work, i finally was able to config a few smart Positivo(brazilian brand) rgb light bulbs and some Positivo smart plugs using local tuya, and here is the right configuration/maping(IDs) for those devices:

Smart RGB Light Bulb Positivo

ID (on/off): 20
Brightness: 22 (0-1000)
White Temperature: 23
Color Mode (color/white/etc): 21
Color: 24
Scene: 25
Timer: 26
Do not Disturb: 34

Smart Plug Positivo

ID (on/off): 1
Current Power: 19
Current Consumption: 18
Voltage: 20
Countdown: 9

Just sharing in case someone else is having a hard time to config those devices using local tuya!

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hey, can you help me configure this?