Local Tuya setup challenge


I am following the process of setting up a device through Local Tuya as described in

However when I am in the step of scanning the QR code, it opens the Smart Industry App, fills in my Tuya Cloud Project but does not want to accept my login and password of the Tuya Iot platform.

Should I use other credentials or does anybody have another way.

I have already reset my pwd on the Iot platform and am able to login. (both from my laptop and my mobile)
The device that I want to connect is residing in the Tuya app on my mobile



Have you allready added your external IP address in the IOT environment, this will enable you to use the API, without it access is denied as a security measure. I’d recommend using the localtuya integration, that one works fine for my purpose.

I am trying to set up local Tuya, and having viewed several youtubes no one mentions registering my external IP.

But if it works I would do it, where can i do this?

Sorry for my late response, some trouble with the IOT environment and browser cookies…

log in on iot.tuya.com > Cloud > Select your Project
Then at Cloud Authorization IP Allowlist, add your IP-Address to the correct data center