Local Tuya v4.00 problems

Hello to all,

i am reaching out for some help with the latest version of Local Tuya as after updating i faced a lot of problems.

When going through the changelog i was so happy as there was a hard work put in this update. Unfortunately, after updating everything stopped working and i had to re-pair all my devices.

On top of that, i faced problem with recognising the smartplugs i have.
Let me drill down to the issues i faced:

  1. While adding new device the local key is not recognised automatically.

  2. I have a smart plug from IQ Tech that used to work before with these settings:

However, after updating tuya recognised the state (on/off) but i could not control it. I chose exactly the same as above but it didn’t work. Did something change???

  1. I have a dimmer switch that even before, i could only set up via yaml. The switch is this one

The yaml code i had was:

# Local Tuya Yaml  
  - host: -localipaddress-
    device_id: -mydeviceid-
    local_key: -mylocalkey-
    friendly_name: TV Wall Spot Lights
    protocol_version: "3.3"
        - platform: light
          friendly_name: TV Wall Spot Lights
          id: 1                      # TV Wall Spot Spot Lights Power ON/OFF
          brightness: 2              # Needed for the dimming bar to appear
          brightness_lower: 5
          brightness_upper: 1000

In the new version, yaml is not used any more but when trying to add the device again under the light domain, i needed to select other options such as colour temperature / color ,kelvin values etc and everything is mandatory. Even if i set them to false, there was no way i could make it recognise the device. What do we do in this case?

Thank you