Locale support for date and time and decimal separator

Home Assistant is very widespread and it is used very often also in Europe, simple searches in various languages can prove it.

It is gettin IMO ridiculous that it still supports (natively) only US date and time format and decimal separator.

I would like to see a setting in the system preferences with the option to pick the locale I prefer, independently from the underlying operating system: I may choose to set the server in English but display date and time would be visible to all members of the family, therefore I need to manually pick a different locale.

It seems a long overdue setting, I cannot keep making templates to replace date/time format… There is quite a number of help requests on the topic indicating that it’s a useful feature.

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Number format and time format can be set per user already.

Your User account settings allow you to specify language, number, and time format.

Is that what you want or is it inadequate for your requirements?

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You can set the time format, but not the date format.
I prefer English language with mainland European dates, ie. 31/12/2022, so it is inadequate.

I cannot find that in my HA. How do I access it?

Yes date is needed as much as time and decimals.
Especially in Europe the inverted month/day is causing troublees to users.

Click the last icon on the very bottom of Home Assistant’s side-menu.

I was looking for it from the Settings - users. I wonder why the two are not linking to the same page!

That menu choice is for creating/managing user accounts. It’s only accessible to a user with administrator privileges.

I can pick time, and number format however the date format is imposed based on the language selected. WTH, why?? In order for me to get European formatted dates I have to switch from English (US) to English GB which I would prefer not to do. Anyway that just gives me DD-MM-YYYY which is not perfect either as I am a European living in the USA so now the US folks in my family are confused… lol. Ideally I’d like to set it to the international standard of YYYY-MM-DD to eliminate confusion.

Please disassociate the date format from the language setting… and add a configuration for date here:

It’s maddening, it should take dates from your locale. It’s 2022, users should be able to pick their date format at a system level and stick with it.

Not system level: my Linux system may be configured with US locale but I may want to display dates in ISO or European format.

Simply, it should be a setting, it’s not in principle difficult if number format is already freely chosen!

I second this. We should be able to set date format once and not to deal with formatting each time date should be displayed.

I have missing the number format for my country Switzerland.
Number should be like 1'234.567
It does not correspond to any of those proposed.

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Yes, please allow number format selection independent of language. I have the same use case, Switzerland

I’m following this discussion…

I set the HA language to ‘Italian’.
I set the HA language to ‘Italian’…Why does the month in the date remain in English?