Locals DNS problem after changing router


I moved the location of my rpi with a 2 years old hassio on it.

I can access it from ssh (putty) but the gui is not working (connection refused).

The observer url is working and say supervisor is ok.

After investigating, i see the last logs from supervisor are from 2 years ago.

I suspected a dns problem, as my rpi has the same IP than it used to have, so I did a :

$ ha dns info



  • dns://


  • dns://

update_available: false

version: 2021.06.0

version_latest: 2021.06.0

And from there, I see there is a problem with :

locals:- dns://

this was the ip of my old router, now my router’s ip is different.

But I can’t find a way to change this from ssh, I can change servers IP, but not locals.

I think my problem is there, if anyone could help on changing this value, I would appreciate.