LocalTuya and Globe products


I am sharing my experience with Globe products (color bulbs and smart plugs) and the LocalTuya integration.

By default Globe will ask you to use their own app. I realized that I could just use Tuya instead. And coupled with Localtuya, I wouId not need any cloud service. I followed the guide from the localTuya integrations and after a few tries, I am now able to completely control my color bulbs and smart plugs.

I was used to buy zigbee devices at $20 or $50… the plugs were 4 for CDN$20 and the bulbs were 4 for CDN$30… very cheap.


  • 4 color bulbs model 35804 (from Costco)
  • 8 smart plugs model 50329 (from Costco) and seen as 50207 in Tuya

Configuration in localtuya.yaml:

## Smart plugs
- host:
  device_id: bedded_dummy
  local_key: q1w2e3r4_dummy
  friendly_name: Tuya_Prise_1
  protocol_version: "3.3"
    - platform: switch
      friendly_name: tuya_prise1_on_off
      id: 1

## Smart bulbs
- host:
  device_id: aaabbbccc_dummy
  local_key: ddddeeefff_dummy
  friendly_name: Tuya_Ampoule_1
  protocol_version: "3.3"
    - platform: light
      friendly_name: tuya_ampoule1_on_off
      id: 20
      color_mode: 21 # Optional, usually 2 or 21, default: "none"
      brightness: 22 # Optional, usually 3 or 22, default: "none"
      color_temp: 23 # Optional, usually 4 or 23, default: "none"
      color_temp_min_kelvin: 2000
      color_temp_max_kelvin: 5000
      color: 24

The result for the plug:

The result for the light bulb:


Thank you for this, just picked up a box of the Globe light bulbs today from Costco, and after finding this post, was able to get them added seamlessly.


Any different steps taken to localize the Globe smart plugs compare with the steps to do the same for Teckin please?