Localtuya and tuya IoT if I want to control over 50 devices

I’ve about 60 devices in Tuya, and when I integrate localTuya, I need to use Tuya.IoT.
In Tuya.IoT I’m limited in the free trial of up to 50 devices. but if I have more, how can I control those?
As I saw, a subscription costs a lot of money ($$$$ per month).
Any idea? solutions?

I assume these are all wifi , not? Zigbee-tuya should connect directly with z2m of zha
If these are quite a few years old then you may be able to change the firmware to esp but this depends on the MCU and probably you have to open them one after the other to check this…Tuya devices changed over time to other MCU likely to prevent this in favor of their much-disliked iot-service offering.

Stay away from Tuya WiFi!

I was in a similar situation once with >50 Tuya WiFi devices. I moved away to Zigbee and ESPHome device by device. Now I have only one Tuya WiFi device left (which I have not found a suitable replacement for. Yet.).

Even if you have <50 Tuya WiFi devices:

  • Tuya.IoT’s subscription model is a PIA. You have to login to your develeoper account at least every 6 month to beg them to extend your trial period for another 6 month. Else your Tuya WiFi devices will start to behave erroneous.
  • Although switching to LocalTuya you still need a working internet connection. Else your Tuya WiFi devices will start to behave erroneous.
  • After a power outage some devices tend to reset themselves. Which means you have to re-pair them which in turn generates a new key which you have to configure within the intergration.
  • And the list goes on.

Thus my best recommendation to you is to not to buy any more Tuya WiFi based devices but start to replace existing devices one by one with Zigbee/ESPHome devices.


Not really helpfull as he already bought 60 of them, replacing is expensive.
I do fully agree however to NEVER by Tuya-wifi stuff (based on current challenges)

Maybe replace a few to get under 50?

Take a look at this video. https://youtu.be/k9_SyfToDEw?si=jrewFSPP_YpdhrrA
Simon explains the updated Tuya integration that makes the whole process easy - and without the need for the IoT Cloud account. (I have not testet this myself, but it was described this way at the 2024.2 release party and in the release notes. 2024.2: More voice, more icons, more integrations, more... everything! - Home Assistant

As far as I was aware the official application isn’t a local install, it uses Tuya’s external APIs to communicate right?

Yes, but without the need for a developer IoT Cloud account. All that is needed is the Tuya app with a normal user account.

For a lot of people one of the biggest parts of home assistant is removing the cloud and having the local abilities remain.

True, but that also requires some foresight from the person when it comes to buying devices. It’s a choice to buy Tuya WiFi devices knowing there is a cloud component to it. Granted, there are some device types that just aren’t available for local control, but still. When you buy Tuya WiFi gear, it’s pretty much assumed it’s going to require the cloud at some point. Going with something like Zigbee or ZWave is usually a better choice if you truly want local control with no cloud requirement at all. Don’t get me wrong, localTuya is great, but it isn’t ready to be a cloud-deleting solution yet.

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Curious what this device is. Something extremely specialised?

Not really but hard to get where I live: A pair of 1-gang 2-way touch-switches for the staircase where both sides have no neutral lines put into the inbows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking for Zigbee devices for this and found a possibly suitable pair at AE. Still waiting for it to arrive.

The only workaround I can think of is to open a second Tuya Developer Account and split your 60 devices to those two accounts. Of course you might need a second phone to install another instance of the Smart Life app and also a second email account for registration as well. Not very elegant but it might work this way to have >50 Tuya Wifi devices within your home.

Don’t want to derail the thread, but judging by the 2-star review in that product page, they’re not real 2-way switches.

Looks like you can only switch on/off from the last switch you used, from what I could understand. I hope I’m wrong - good luck!

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As mentioned above because of this scenario I am unwilingly forced to keep that one Tuya WiFi device :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Although certainly off-topic to this thread I will report here whether the luck is on my side or not :pray:t3: