LocalTuya support for Corui Dimmable Tuya G9 WiFi bulb

Can anyone confirm if the Corui G9 Tuya bulbs are supported in LocalTuya ?
The devices are not autodetected using Cloud API and I can’t get any datapoints when trying to manually add devices with device id & local key.

Since the devices are detected in the Tuya Smart app and also works with the official HA Tuya integration, I guess the protocol might be the issue here ?

"result": [
      "active_time": 1694534426,
      "category": "dj",
      "create_time": 1694534426,
      "custom_name": "",
      "icon": "smart/icon/bay16282224700134r0L/73ade7e6692176786188e662a9822536.jpg",
      "id": "bfceae7d5e1c8776457gox",
      "ip": "X.XXX.XXX.XXX",
      "is_online": true,
      "lat": "55.XXXX",
      "local_key": "1w=M^~'wF_Fo9RSi",
      "lon": "10.XXXX",
      "model": "G9-4MS60",
      "name": "G9-WIFI",
      "product_id": "of55x2r4dzp8bkdj",
      "product_name": "G9-WIFI",
      "sub": false,
      "time_zone": "+02:00",
      "update_time": 1694545623,
      "uuid": "ec401d1d254dca17"