Location display only in WLAN in 4 G not


If I’m on WiFi on my phone and I use fake GPS, the fake location is also shown in the Home Assistant. But if I turn off WiFi and enter a fake location using 4G, nothing changes. I have activated the geocoded location and all other location sensors. But why doesn’t anything change?
If I switch WLAN on again, the location display changes again Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

Thank you

It would be great if you could answer in German

This forum is English only. Is your HA installation available from the internet? (Nabu Casa or your own setup).

I have a connection via Cloudflare in 4G
Is my own setup

And you have it working as it should? To me it sounds like your device does not connect to your HA instance when outside the LAN.

Okay, but I can increase the heating temperature while I’m out and about, for example. So there should be a connection, right?

So I assume you have full access to HA through the companion app. Have you checked that the companion app has access to localization service on your device?

Hello, I think I have granted permissions…