Location is published ever 1-2 minutes regardless of heartbeat interval

I have Zanzito installed on my Google Pixel. Under the MQTT preferences I have “Instantly” unchecked, “Heartbeat” checked, and “Interval” set to 3600 (s).

Under the location preferences I have “Track Location” checked with a minimum distance of 200 (m).

With these settings I’m seeing Zanzito send location updates every couple of minutes. The interval varies slightly but its always MUCH shorter than the heartbeat I have set. I have confirmed this in Zanzito log and the MQTT broker.

As a result the battery usage is quite high. Over 20% during a full day of use. I bought the license and planned to use it with my whole family but i can’t have everyone’s device take this kind of hit to the battery.

This other issue may be related but I can’t say if this is specific to my pixel so I didn’t want to combine the topics: