Location (MAP) disappears after page reload using panel type card


after updating to the latest home assistant version (2022.6.3) lately (after skipping a year of updates) I am experiencing the issue were my location map disappears when i reload the page.
I have to switch the dashboard for it to reappear. I traced it down to be related to the panel type card in combination with horizontal or vertical stack. It does not happen with normal card type or if i don’t use a stack in the panel type.
Unfortunately I can not avoid to reload the page from time to time to keep some entities alive (camera feeds and weather map (windy)). I am using an automated reload script.

Could maybe somebody try to replicate the error? I wonder if its just me or if its a general issue?

Here is the card that i made to test it:

  - theme: Backend-selected
    type: panel
    title: Test
    path: test
    badges: []
      - type: horizontal-stack
          - type: custom:weather-card
            entity: weather.home
            number_of_forecasts: '5'
          - type: map
              - device_tracker.asus_x01bda
              - device_tracker.asus_x01bda_2

Before and after reload screenshot:

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It’s not just you. I get this a bit too, and a page refresh generally fixes it for me. I haven’t cared enough to look into it further because it’s a tab that I don’t use much.


unfortunately i am stills stuck here.
I tried a workaround where I want switch dashboards on page reload, but I can not find way how to switch the dashboards via a simple automation or script.
I tried using a windows shell command (the one i am anyway using to wake the screen and reload the page on webcam movement), but when directly accessing the urls of the dashboard the location map also doesn’t load.
It seems the issue is occurring when directly accessing the dashboard (e.g. reloading the page) instead of navigating inside HA.

There are issues on Github, like:

  • map is not shown when a right sidebar is shown;
  • … when a custom:layout-card is used;
  • … when the map is used inside custom:auto-entities;
  • … when the map is used inside custom:config-template-card.
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I’m experiencing this same issue and can’t seem to find a way around it. I want to be able to keep Home Assistant up and open on wall mounted tablet, but the map disappears after the custom_reload fires off. Also, it disappears sometimes after waking up from a sleep.

To get it back, I have to hit “edit dashboard” and then save it again.

I’ve tried all three dashboard views with the same result.

Anyone has news on this? Any solution? This is really getting into my nerves TBH… :S

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