Location of cards

Good afternoon, I would like to propose setting up custom functions. When a user adds cards, they are arranged in an incomprehensible, uncontrolled order, make it possible to arrange cards manually with alignment to the grid, or create a grid for cards for example 6 * 8 and place the cards manually in the fields of this grid. A very unattractive interface when the cards are arranged according to the existing algorithm. It is not possible to achieve symmetry. I think all HA users will like it!

Sure it is. You use a combination of grid, horizontal and vertical stack cards, in combination with the available view modes. Here’s a sidebar view with a horizontal and vertical stack:

Having said that, the frontend developers are looking at drag and drop organisation of the new tile system.

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You also have to take I to consideration that not every screen is the same.
Some are wide with high resolution, som are narrow with low resolution and some are in between.
Then add to these the ability to change orientation from portrait to landscape and you have suddenly doubled the number of combinations.
A screen layout should be able to adopt to all these screens in one setup.

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Or you can make one dashboard for mobile and one for desktops.

This is not at all, you use Windows, don’t you? So you know what free placement of shortcuts on the desktop is. In HA I would like to see the same thing, there is not a single user of the system who would be satisfied with the appearance of the system!

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Windows is a good example of how placements of elements is messy.
Change the resolution and the elements change place.
Add or remove an extra monitor and the elements change place.
Replace one monitor with another and the elements change place.

It is such a mess that Windows 11 has had it as a main feature in the next feature update to better handle element placements.

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I give an example of the placement of shortcuts Windows 7 (xp)

Windows 7 was no better than 8, 10, 2000, XP, ME, 95, 98, 98SE or what else versions that was prior.
Windows 11 is the first time Microsoft looks into it.

There have been third-party programs that tried to remedy the situation though, but they usually required an user-driven action to actually act upon changes.

This sucks.

Agreed, it’s not ideal but it is easy to do.

I mean that you can take any card or shortcut and place it in any convenient place, like shortcuts on the desktop in Windows, in HA there are shortcuts and cards cannot be placed in the place I need

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You have the option tom_l suggest, which is to make dashboards for each device that connects to HA.
The feature you request can not be fullfilled otherwise, because the world can not allow it.
The issue here is not HA, but cross-enviroment.
It is like asking an engineer to make a bumper-fender for a car and demand that it should fit all cars in the world. Cars have different sizes, different shapes/curves and different mounts and there are so many combination in the world that is impossible to span them all.
You will have to first standardize cars to make this happen and it is the same with this feature request.
You will have to make everyone run the same resolution on their screen, use the same browser with the same setup of the UI and always run a maximized/full screen browser window and that is on all devices, including phones, tablets computers and other screens, like home made panels.
Some of these will probably not be able to run more than 720pixels in width, so that will have to be you max width on all devices then.