Location of HASS in docker please? for the new Authentication


I am trying to setup the new authentication but it states I need to locate hass to run this
hass --script auth --config /home/mark/HomeAssistant

Any idea please?


Depends which docker container you use, for me it’s in:

To find where is the executable, you might be able to use: which hass
which give me: /usr/local/bin/hass

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You should access inside the container. Instead, you should execute the command from outside the container

$ docker exec ha python -m homeassistant --script auth --config /config add test test
User created

where ha is the container name and test is the username and password.

Thanks, this worked and says user created but when I try and logon it doesn’t work… even after a reboot… odd

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Where is location on raspian stretch lite with virtualenv ?