Location of insteon_local_lights.conf


I am a new HASS IO user coming from Hassbian.

I am really enjoying HASS however I am unable to get my INSTEON roller shutters to display.

In my previous configuration, I manually updated the insteon_local_lights.conf file to include the INSTEON IDs of the roller shutter controllers. This worked, and they appeared as lights in Home Assistant. I was able to turn on/off and “dim” them to partially open the shutters.

Does anyone know where the insteon_local_lights.conf file is located within HASS IO and how I would access it?


What is the cat and subcat of the device? Or the model number if you don’t have that.

The model number of the device is 2444-222. I’m not sure about the cat and subcat.

Insteon Device Categories and Sub-Categories

OK it is Cat: 0x0E Subcat: 0x01. If you are willing to experiment with me, I can try to get a working version in insteon_plm. I have a test version that supports the Hub.

Excellent. Sounds great.

I have the developer notes for the device but I am a little confused on the practical application. Basically the device works like a dimmer. You can set it to a value and it “opens” or “closes” based on the value.

  1. I am confused about the “instant on” command. This seems redundant to other commands but wanted to know if there was something special about the “instant on” command. From an end user view you may not even see this, if so, then fine.
  2. This appears to be for window covers, correct? Technically it could be used for any motorized device but should I look at this as a window cover or a dimmable switch?
  3. It has four operating/installation modes:
  • Without switch
  • Latching
  • Single Momentary
  • Dual Momentary
    Do you know what the default mode is? I plan to design to that as a first implementation.


  1. Nothing special about the instant on command. It is probably ignored.

  2. Yes it is simply two relays in a little box. It also has memory to store number of seconds required to leave the motor running for up/down and percentage commands. It should be implemented as a window cover.

  3. I believe the default from the INSTEON app is Dual Momentary. Basically it has two wires connecting to the unit that connect to the original hardware buttons installed at the wall switch. One wire for up, one wire for down.
    If you quickly press and release the up button, the shutter opens fully. If you press and hold the up button, the shutter will move up until you release (for partially opening). Down button is the same.
    All of this functionality is handled within the INSTEON device itself, Home Assistant just controls Open, Close and Brightness % for partially open.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Perfect. I am finishing up some other devices (Hub and KeypadLinc) and will make this the next item. Should be about 2 weeks.

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insteon_plm and insteonlocal are merging and will create a breaking change for both. Please see this thread and give your input:

Now that the Hub integration has been merged, I am ready to start on this device / feature.

This device was not that hard. I just posted a pull request for it to be added to the next release of Home Assistant. I am not sure if it will make it into 0.77 but it should be in 0.78,

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Awesome. Thanks!