Location of sqlite DB?


I’m using the node-red addon “node-red-contrib-queued-sqlite” with latest Hass.io

setting the db and writing/reading to it and from it works fine, however, I want to have access to the actual DB file itself, in the configuration of the node i’ve set the db to /share/queuedb.db
however nothing shows up in that folder, while everything works fine…

I’ve connected through FTP and searched for *.db but it only finds the homeassistant DB,
I’ve tried to sift through the source code but didn’t really reach a conclusion to where it might be,

does anyone have any idea where I can find the DB file?? I just cant seem to find it

I’ve managed to find the DB in the /opt folder inside the node-red docker container,
I guess this is a bug with the addon? no matter what the configuration of the node is the DB file is always created in /opt