Location Permission

I was having trouble with the device tracker the other day. It reported that I was still at work 2 hours after I got home. I opened Ariela and it updated instantly. I then checked location permissions and it’s set to “Allow only while using the App”. The only other option is “Deny”. Other apps still have the “Allow all the time” option. Has anyone experienced this? Or know how to fix it? Thanks!


I suppose you have Android 10. If yes, i created a new version of Ariela which should be available for download in few hours. Please let me know if the problem persist after the update.
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Thanks! I do have Android 10.

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Please let me know if works after update. Thank you

I updated and I am able to set the correct location permissions. The app is crashing though when trying to go to settings. I will attempt to send the logs.

Edit: I can’t send the logs because I can’t get into settings, the app crashes.

Clearing cache and storage seems to have fixed the issue.

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