Location Reporting Delayed with High Accuracy Mode

I have a device with these settings and the device location has not updated for 1 hour when it is now in a defined zone it definitely should have updated but it didn’t.

Previous to these settings I had everything set to default. Did a recent update change the way location works? Device Location when moving used to update every few minutes. It stopped doing that so I thought the change was to turn on high accuracy but that doesn’t seem to work. I am seeing this issue on 3 devices. 2 with the settings in the picture and 1 with default settings.

after you follow these steps the next thing to look at is the logs as part of the same troubleshooting step

Going to look into this within the next few days. In the meantime I do have logs for a separate issue I noticed today, I’ll open another post for that.

I noticed it will frequently for one of my devices just stop updating for a prolonged period of time and the app was never stopped. I even opened the app and it still said “away” and somewhere else that was not her actual location anymore and wasn’t for hours. Then randomly it will update every 60 seconds as expected. Android 12. Galaxy s21 ultra. Very peculiar.

Today for example the device just popped from work to home. No updates along the way. It’s about a 20 minute drive. There should have been 20 updates then. Then randomly on a different day or even the same I will see those 20 updates (on the history map as dots). I may see them on the way to work same path same day but not on the way back for example. This is happening frequently not just for to/from work. I don’t leave as much (work from home) to see this on my device.

Right now there’s been no updates for 2 hours. It should be updating every 60 seconds.