Location Sensing

All my family members have home assistant installed on their mobile devises for the obvious reason of telling the home if everyone is away or not.
My daughter is still school age and is not allowed her phone with her as she lives so close so I have set up an automation that senses when her phone leaves home or not. Along with using google calendar so understand if its school holiday, weekend etc. Is there a way of turning it into a trigger.

condition: or

  • condition: state
    entity_id: calendar.family
    attribute: message
    state: School Holiday
  • condition: time
    • sat
    • sun
      after: “00:00:00”
      before: “23:59:59”
      alias: All day Saturday - Sunday
  • condition: time
    after: “15:00:00”
    before: “08:40:00”
    • mon
    • tue
    • wed
    • thu
    • fri
      alias: 1500 - 0840
      alias: Laurice Home, holiday at School

Toggling for the win, worked it out when working on a totally different issues