Location sharing and record the track

I am looking for several days now if there is an application in homeassistant that i can use to track a car’s position and record the track that the car has followed.

I want to use an old phone with gps. on the phone i can share it’s location to google maps, so in home assistant i need something that records the positions of google maps.

I have found only this: https://github.com/covrig/homeassistant-trackermap?tab=readme-ov-file
But it is 6 years old, i i don’t know i it stil works.
Maybe there is something more simple to install

Install the Home Assistant Companion App on the phone and use the Home Assistant Map card to track the phone.

Yes i have, but it only shows the latest known position, but i like to see all positions to see the roads that are followed.

And it should be nice to save that track as a *.gpx file

It shows a lot more than that. In the Appearance section of the Map card set the Hours to Show to 24 or more.

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 16-18-21 Overview – Home Assistant

:+1: Thanks, I didn’t know that.

I there a way to manage the time between the recorded points?
I is now 4 minutes, can i make that 1 minute?

iOS or Android?

You can read about what triggers location updates here: Location | Home Assistant Companion Docs

Also this (for iOS): Notification Commands | Home Assistant Companion Docs


I don’t understand exactly what you mean, i am not a programmer.
But i will read the links, maybe it give me the right direction to search.

Doesn’t matter. It does not work for Android.