Location Tracking Not Working

Just set up my home assistant a few days ago.

I can’t get it to track my phone, or my girlfriend’s phone. I’m using a Galaxy S10E and she’s using an iPhone. It’s showing that our phones are linked to us as entities, but it’s never showing when we’re away from the home, or even updating on it’s own when we are home.

It seems to update when I turn my phone on or do some changes on my phone, but that’s it. It never updates on it’s own like it should.

I’ve read several forum posts already and have made sure to select things like “Always” in terms of sharing location.

I’m at a total loss and would appreciate any help, thanks!

Did you check/read this?
Home Assistant Companion Docs | Home Assistant Companion Docs (home-assistant.io)

I did my best to go through this, especially the location section. I have everything enabled that it looks like I’m supposed to.

Any other ideas?

What does the device sensor show on details ?
Settings > Devices&Services > Mobile App
Dev.Tools > States ?

Is that what you’re looking for?

Doing more research, and it looks like b/c I’m using Umbrel, I don’t have the OS version of this, which means my version doesn’t allow for add-ons. I’m wondering if this limited version of HA that I have is contributing to my issues?

Along your 2nd screenshot you have a device with lat/lon so that looks fine
Did you map the device to your ‘person’? This is what I have

Hey, so it looks like it’s working now. I started using Nabu Casa so that I can use the app when I’m not home, maybe that did the trick? Other than that, I have no idea why it started working.

Nabu casa is not required…it should work without but since it is working now… congrats :slight_smile: