Location updates from the app no longer registering in HA

trying to figure this one out for some time now. Location updates do no longer appear in our HA dashboards and the linked automations also stopped working.
The kicker is that I have 2 HA running in 2 seperate locations and the same app is updating the location information fine for the 2nd HA instance… Automations are running there without a problem.
I’m guessing that the problem started after my trial period ended of the Nabu Casa integration (not 100% sure), I tried a 2nd trial period but that did not solve the issue (don’t worry HA lords, I subscribed for a year now). Before the first trial period I connected using IP (using Dyndns) and that was working fine.
I tried restarting HA already several times and the instance is up to date with all the latest updates.
Anybody any idea ?