Location updates: only send to HA server when entering/leaving a zone


I don’t know if it is already the behavior, but in order to use less battery and connections, is it possible to only communicate to the HA server by sending the location update only when entering or leaving a zone ?

Currenlty in my app settings, i don’t need gps coordinates, so i put “zone only” in updates.
What i would like is : i leave home, app sends update to HA ; during all day i’m not home, no need to send location updates to the server, and when i come back home, just send one update for the rest of the day.

I don’t know if it is already the case when selected “zone only” ?
I cannot confirm that in HA debug menu with the last update date of the “person” or the device_tracker of my phone because when i’m home it does not change but i don’t know if it does not update because entity is the same value or if it did not received request.

Edit: I see in fact in debug that the device tracker is updated even at home (last check is approx 30 minutes between the 2 last update dates if I don’t open the app, and seems every time when I open app).



You can also just enable the location zone sensor and disable the others.

Ah !
I did not get that I could enable just zone sensor without background location sensor.

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