Location Updating, Zone Not Changing

I noticed that my person entity in HA hadn’t left the home zone in a few days. So I compared the location as shown by settings, companion app, location, to the location as shown by the person entity. The companion app location was showing properly, the data just wasn’t being updated to the person entity.

Companion app location has full permissions and background updates. I forced a manual update while I was away from the home. It updated my location(as shown by the location history in companion app settings), but my status of ‘home’ won’t go to ‘away.’ I looked at the location history, and checked the map and it clearly showed the home zone and my phone away from the home zone, but no change of my status. So the phone is clearly showing my location is not at home, but when I checked the location of the person entity, it showed at home.

I removed and reinstalled the mobile app. No change.
I removed any other zones I have but home, no change.
I added the proximity integration, went to the grocery store and my distance from home never changed from 0ft.

It seems like the companion app just isn’t telling HA about the location change.

My wife’s status is the same. Hasn’t left home zone. I don’t know exactly when it started as my history doesn’t go back far enough but the zone hasn’t changed in the last 7 days.

I’m not sure what relevant logs to pull for this. I took screenshots of the maps showing companion location clearly not at home and the person entity at home, but it contains my actual location so I didn’t want to post it.

OS: 12.1
Core: 2024.3.3

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Has anyone else seen this issue? The two person entities in my install still haven’t changed zone, but everything else seems to be functioning properly.

Location updates are happening, but the data doesn’t seem to make it to the server.

Yes, I actually noticed it today The Geocode Location is getting updated with the correct adress, but somehow the zone doesn’t populate correctly.

Restarting the app or manual updating location doesn’t work. Switching tracking device to another doesn’t seem to trigger any change either.

I seem to have the same issue.
Noticed last night that my lights did not come home when arriving home. Same tonight.
Look in the HA app and it shows I’ve been home since 4/1 and same for my wife.

I’m sorry to hear it, but glad I’m not the only one. It seems like the iOS app just isn’t passing the location through data properly anymore.

Sounds like a bug. Have any of you raised a bug in github yet (or it’ll stay a bug)

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I’ll post one today. Appreciate the suggestion.

There was one already: Location not changing anymore · Issue #2602 · home-assistant/iOS · GitHub

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I had to remove the server and add it again.

I did that, and a manual location update did set my zone. But, I see the same error log being generated that is posted in the git issue. Curious if this will resolve it long term or not.