Lock Class State Change

Call me crazy but the release notes for HA ver. 2023.1.7 indicates that the state indicated for a locked lock is ‘off’ which seems to me to be the complete opposite of what I would expect.
Given that the purpose of a lock is to ‘lock’, then the active or locked condition should be 1 not 0, on not off, true not false, active not inactive, etc. It just seems counterintuitive.

Can you post an excerpt from the Release Notes where you saw that?

FWIW, I’m using 2023.1.7 and the state value for my lock entities is locked/ unlocked (not on/off).

Maybe it was the mushrooms- kidding. I believe there were release notes associated with the latest update on my AsuStor NAS for HA. Try as I might, i am buggered if I can find that dialogue again. It started out explaining that because updates were late in coming, there were a lot of updates combined in the new release making it larger than normal. Perhaps this note is unique to the AsuStor Docker version which as usual has a release version that is different from the HA version reported from within HA/about page. The state information was presented as on/off, with ‘on’ meaning ‘unlocked.’